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  • Cover of a curriculum about flying creatures of the night. There is a huge full moon with bats crossing in front of it.

    Flying Creatures of the Night


    Ready for a Nighttime Adventure? Grab your flashlight and awaken your night senses! Discover the magical world of flying nocturnal creatures like bats, owls, fireflies, and moths. Enjoy a captivating science study to learn about the wonders of the night life.

  • iPad image of a variety of small, smooth rocks of brown and grey tones. It's the cover for the "Hard as a Rock" curriculum.

    Hard as a Rock


    Uncover the Hidden Treasures of Rocks! Rocks might seem ordinary at first glance, but once you dig into this nature study, you’ll discover they’re full of incredible treasures. Get ready to see rocks in a whole new light – and even find out what’s living in the dark underneath them.

  • Three blue bird eggs rest in a nest surrounded by greenery on the cover of a nature study about beautiful birds.

    Beautiful Birds


    Discover the Beauty of Birds Year-Round Through nature study observations and plenty of engaging activities, learn about the beautiful birds in every season. These creative lessons turn each moment into an exciting discovery!

  • Purple clouds rise above bare winter trees on the cover of a nature study about captivating clouds.

    Captivating Clouds


    Discover the Beauty and Wonder Above Explore the captivating world of clouds with fun and meaningful activities that will deepen your understanding and appreciation of these floating marvels. Look up to see the beauty and science of the sky above!

  • A brown and red female cardinal sits on some snowy tree limbs on the cover of a nature study about coping with the cold.

    Coping with the Cold


    Learn how animals prepare for and survive winter!

    Discover fascinating adaptations, migration patterns, and hibernation strategies of many types of animals as you enjoy a rich collection of outdoor and indoor nature study activities that will captivate and educate!

  • A creek with rocks and green and yellow trees on the cover of a nature study about incredible creeks.

    Incredible Creeks


    Dive into a Creek Adventure!

    Creeks are often a favorite nature study spot and this comprehensive NaturExplorers guide can help you make the most of your explorations. Packed with a plethora of exciting activities and ideas, your family can learn about creeks for months!

  • The cover of a nature study about deciduous trees with yard and forest in the backgroud.

    Delightful Deciduous Trees


    Explore the Seasons with Deciduous Trees!

    Em”bark” on a comprehensive study of deciduous trees with engaging lessons that span every season of the year. Discover the magic of tree life cycles and their vital role in the ecosystem.

  • Little pointy mushrooms growing in green grass is on the cover of a nature study about fungus.

    A Fungus Among Us


    Explore the Hidden Beauty of Fungi!

    Are you ready to discover the beauty and diversity of fungi during your nature walks? Prepare to be amazed at the fascinating world that awaits you as you explore mushrooms and molds like never before!

  • iPad image for a curriculum about Peaceful Ponds. It has a pond in the background with cattails and grasses up close.

    Peaceful Ponds


    Peaceful Ponds May Not Be Quite as Peaceful as They Seem! Learn about surprising pond plants and the incredibly busy animals in and around ponds. Additionally, cover several earth science topics through engaging activities as you discover pond ecosystems.

  • iPad cover of the Wonderful Wildflowers curriculum. Has an orange flower surrounded by greenery on it.

    Wonderful Wildflowers


    Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of wildflower nature study! This comprehensive curriculum guide offers over 25 creative nature walks and 40+ hands-on activities, helping you discover and study the diverse beauty of wildflowers year-round. This curriculum ensures endless discoveries and joyful learning, perfect for any botany study.

  • iPad image of an evergreen tree and slope covered in snow with bright blue sky in the background. It's the cover of a curriculum about snow and ice.

    Snow And Ice


    Discover the beauty and science of winter weather! With this comprehensive nature study guide, wrap up for more than 30 creative nature walks, then snuggle in to enjoy nearly 30 indoor experiments and projects focused on snow, ice, and frost. This guide will keep you joyfully learning and exploring all winter!

  • A large toad looks at the camera on the cover of a nature study about frogs and toads.

    Frogs and Toads


    Hop into the secret lives of frogs and toads with this comprehensive curriculum guide, perfect for spring and summer nature studies. Packed with over 70 engaging lessons and 15 notebooking pages, you’ll explore habitats, life cycles, and fascinating behaviors through hands-on activities and field observations. Ideal for any amphibian enthusiast, this guide provides year-round learning opportunities even without direct access to live creatures.

  • Brown dirt with animal footprints on the cover of a curriculum about animal signs.

    Animal Signs


    Unleash your inner detective with the Animal Signs curriculum guide! Through exciting nature walks and hands-on activities, you’ll discover hidden clues about animals and insects in your habitat. This guide offers endless adventures in any environment, perfect for enhancing observation skills.

  • Red fruits on a leafy green tree on the cover of a curriculum about fruits and nuts.

    Fruits and Nuts


    Fruits and nuts are some of God’s most versatile creations. From thrilling outdoor explorations to over 60 hands-on activities and projects indoors, discover the diversity of edible and inedible varieties while observing plant behavior and learning about adaptations. With a focus on scientific inquiry and Biblical principles, this curriculum offers a rich learning experience for homeschool families studying botany and beyond.

  • Blue sky, yellow flowers, and a black and yellow spider on the cover of a curriculum about spectacular spiders.

    Spectacular Spiders


    Don’t be afraid! This curriculum is designed to uncover the mysteries and marvels of spiders, whether you’re observing them up close or from a distance. Nearly 30 guided nature walks and over 60 engaging indoor activities will help you explore everything from web-building to spider anatomy, behaviors, and ecological roles. Perfect for overcoming arachnophobia or deepening your understanding of animal biology, this guide offers comprehensive learning opportunities year-round, complemented by colorful notebooking pages for documenting discoveries.

  • An evergreen tree with a large pinecone is on the cover of a nature study about constant conifers.

    Constant Conifers


    Discover the often-overlooked beauty of coniferous trees with Constant Conifers, a vibrant nature study guide for 1st-8th graders. With over 30 engaging nature walks and nearly 70 hands-on or research-based indoor activities, this versatile guide offers in-depth learning experiences that can be enjoyed in any season and complement any general botany study.


  • A rust colored butterfly lands on a pink clover flower on the cover of a butterfly nature curriculum.

    Butterflies Flutter By


    Immerse your children in a study of vibrant butterflies with this comprehensive science curriculum. Featuring over 25 creative nature walks and 100 hands-on activities, this guide covers everything from butterfly habitats and life cycles to metamorphosis and migration. Perfect for enhancing studies of insects, biology, and more, it will inspire a deep appreciation for these miraculous creatures.

  • iPad image with rain droplets on a blade of grass. Its the cover of a curriculum about Remarkable Rain

    Remarkable Rain


    Grab an umbrella and prepare for a fascinating study of rain! This creative science curriculum is packed with over 45 nature walk ideas, not all requiring soaking yourselves. You can also choose to stay indoors and explore weather patterns, erosion, the water cycle, and more through engaging activities. This guide transforms rainy days into exciting learning adventures, perfect for any weather or earth science study.

Benefits of the NaturExplorers Series

As a homeschooling parent, finding a science curriculum that keeps your children engaged, simplifies complex concepts, and reduces preparation time can be challenging. The NaturExplorers science curriculum series is designed to solve these problems by offering engaging nature studies and activities that captivate your child’s interest. With clear instructions and printables, our guides minimize your preparation time and provide comprehensive, flexible lessons that adapt to various ages and learning styles. This curriculum also integrates science with art, music, literature, and Bible connections, offering a well-rounded education that nurtures both the mind and spirit while ensuring your children remain motivated and excited to learn.


Features of the NaturExplorers Series

  • Creative Nature Walks: Find an abundance of creative nature walk ideas designed to engage students and encourage hands-on exploration.
  • Literature and Background Information: Each guide provides inspirational literature suggestions and background information for the parent or teacher, enriching the understanding of the nature topic.
  • Hands-On Activities and Writing Ideas: To deepen the learning experience, follow-up activities, including hands-on projects and writing ideas, cover multiple subject areas.
  • Bible, Artist, and Composer Studies: This section provides references and suggestions for integrating Bible study, artist and composer studies, and poetry, enhancing the holistic educational experience.
  • Comprehensive Resource Lists: Enjoy living book lists and several colorful, prepared notebooking pages to facilitate learning.
  • Adaptable for All Ages and Groups: Ideas for adapting activities for younger and older children, suitable for individual or group settings such as co-ops, clubs, and classrooms.
  • Flexible Duration and Usage: These highly adaptable guides can be used for a week, a month, or longer, allowing for a tailored educational experience based on the needs of the family or classroom.
  • Inclusive for All Homeschooling Styles: Suitable for various homeschooling methods, including Charlotte Mason, unit studies, unschooling, project-based learning, traditional, and classical homeschooling, providing ready-to-use ideas for new and veteran homeschoolers and teachers.

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