Living Literature Grammar Packs

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Living Literature Grammar Packs encourage a love of the language arts through rich literature and simple lessons.


Living Literature Grammar Packs is a series of 15 weekly language arts lessons centered around various twaddle-free fiction, non-fiction, and historical fiction picture books.

Each week, your 3rd- to 5th-grade student is asked to read one of the books and complete a packet of language arts activities that relate to the book.

The lessons are short and sweet, yet cover a vast array of language arts skills in the areas of:

  • Grammar
  • Reading comprehension
  • Reading strategies
  • Oral language skills
  • Narration
  • Writing
  • Poetic devices
  • Critical Thinking

Each week includes a spelling list that encourages handwriting practice as well.

All of the literature necessary to complete the packets is likely to be found at your local library. Click here to see a complete list of the books used in the curriculum.

Living Literature Grammar Packs is written to encourage a love of the language arts rather than the drudgery that so often occurs.  The rich literature draws children in, while the simplicity of the lessons keeps them from burning out.

Throughout the lessons, Cindy was sure to cover all the language arts skills covered in a typical 3rd through 5th grade scope and sequence, making it a very thorough curriculum. A glossary of grammar terms is included, as well as a complete answer key.

You’ll quickly notice that fifteen weeks worth of lessons don’t add up to an entire year of grammar curriculum. In the simple introduction, Cindy explains her plan of one week ‘on’ and one or two weeks ‘off’ so that language arts time isn’t always taken up with similar lessons. She encourages you to spend the additional weeks focusing on creative writing projects, additional reading with focused narration, copywork, grammar games, or other language arts lessons. These ‘off’ weeks are also good for printing freebie lessons from the internet if you notice any particular grammar skill needs additional practice.

In her experience, Cindy finds children really respond well to varied types of lessons which give them the opportunity to learn and perform in different ways. Thus the reason there aren’t 36 weeks of grammar packs in the curriculum. She thinks you’ll be surprised at how much instruction is retained and easily transferred from the grammar pack lessons to the other language arts lessons you choose to use on the ‘off’ weeks!

119 pages, digital curriculum


Required Literature

In order to use the Living Literature Grammar Packs curriculum you will need access to the following books.

Because these books are highly popular living literature, they should be readily available in many libraries or easily attainable through interlibrary loan programs. You child will need to have access to each book for one week if you follow the lessons as suggested.

Since each packet is independent from the others, your learning experience will not be greatly hindered if you cannot get ahold of one or two of the books.

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Living Literature Used in Living Literature Grammar Packs

Alejandro's Gift (Rise and Shine)Aunt Chip and the Great Triple Creek Dam AffairGoin' Someplace SpecialHarry the Dirty DogMailing MayMrs. Katz and Tush (Reading Rainbow)Owl MoonPapa PiccoloSnakes Are Hunters (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science 2)SpidersStorm in the NightHatmaker's Sign, The (rlb)The Hickory ChairThe Mountain That Loved a BirdThe Raft


1 review for Living Literature Grammar Packs

  1. Kelly Lincoln (verified owner)

    I just purchased this packet to use with my 10 year old daughter. This is written as if the child already knows the criteria ex.: underline the verb, circle the noun, highlight the adjective, combine the sentences, correct the sentence. There is no explanation of “how to”. Had I know it did not give explanations I would not have purchased.

  2. Cindy

    Hi Kelly,
    Thanks for your purchase! There is a skills list on pages 9-11 that gives explanations for each skill. Parents are expected to review those skills prior to each lesson if the student doesn’t already know them. 🙂

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