December Artist and Composer Studies

Thanks to the ladies at the CM Artist Study group, I’ve found a wonderful site for various nativity scenes that we’ll use for art study this month.

Each week, we’ll observe ALL of the paintings noticing different things each time like:

  • realism
  • colors
  • feelings
  • which ones capture the reverence best, or the joy best, etc
  • the number of people
  • who is consistently in each painting and why
  • what style pleases them most
  • what style pleases them least

Since we’re working on a daily scrapbook page to go along with the Names of Jesus unit and we’re frequently crafting this month, I doubt we’ll do any additional art besides the picture study.

Our composer of the month is – who else – George Frederick Handel.  And we’ll be listening to – what else -the “Messiah”.

The biography will come mostly from Classics for Kids, and I may choose an activity or two from Cindy Downes free unit.

As for Handel’s Messiah, here is a nice explanation of the musical story.


  1. I am immersed in Giotto paintings right now with my new plans for Med/Ren painters. I would love to see one in person to see if is as colorful and inspiring as the prints and images.

    We had fun a few weeks ago painting sections of his work and concentrating on his style and color selections.

    Great stuff.
    Barb-Harmony Art Mom

  2. This is SUCH a great idea Cindy!! I wasn’t even thinking of incorporating Artist/Composer study this month, but what a perfect idea.

    Love Ya, Melissa

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