Daddy’s Retirement

Below are some pictures from my Dad’s retirement parties.  He worked at a hospital for 30 years – in the laboratory for about half those years and in the technology department for the other half.  It was quite obvious that those he worked with loved him very much and I was so glad they asked us to be part of his celebrations.

His department gave him a lovely catered dinner the evening before he retired.  It was a complete surprise to him which made it even more fun.  The day he retired, the hospital held a reception with cake, punch, a powerpoint presentation of his 30 years and two lovely Paul Sawyer prints.  It was so neat to see how special he was to his coworkers, employees and friends!

So what’s next?  Well, he and my mom are preparing to go on their dream vacation of a cruise to Alaska and they’ve just purchased a small camper for traveling.  I’ve already informed him that he gets to teach biology (especially dissection) next year.  And the way Algrebra 1/2 is going, he may get to teach it this year!  I’m excited about his new chapter of life and I’m pretty sure he is, too!


  1. Thanks for stoppy by for a visit at Be Still. Your blog looks lovely! Yes, the smoothies are actually good. You cannot detect the spinach taste at all. By adding darker fruits, like raspberries and blueberries, the color will change to purple. My kids like the looks of those better!

  2. Congrats on your Dad’s retirement!! I want to travel some day, too. 🙂

    Tell your Dad he can head over here to teach biology, too!!

  3. By the way, your homeschool style on the sidebar mirrors mine: living books, Charlotte Mason style + classical approach + BOOKS, lapbooks, notebooks, and book-making!

  4. Very nice party! All this makes ME want to retire… Though looking at my parents – they just turned 70 – their retirement lasted about 2 years and then they were back traveling the world again, my dad doing consulting…

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