Boys and Dinosaurs

On Sunday nights at church, I teach a Kidz Group class for children in 1-5th grades.  Right now, I have only little boys in the class.  What better way to catch their attention than to talk about dinosaurs!  Dinosaurs and church??  Of course!  Dinosaurs are a great topic for teaching the authority of the Bible as compared to evolutionary teaching.  And for children, dinosaurs are one of the biggest “hooks” public schools use to disprove Biblical authority.

Just how do you educate yourself on the truth of the Bible vs. what the evolutionary world believes?  It’s really as simple as children’s books!  There are so many wonderful children’s books available now that teach Creation vs. evolution.  And not only do they educate your children, they educate you as well!  I’ll include just a few dinosaur themed books here and if you’re interested in me posting more wonderful creation-based children’s books, just let me know.

Some of these are more in-depth than others.  If you’re hoping for a simpler book, I would suggest What Ever Happened To Dinosaurs or D is for Dinosaurs.  The others are more detailed and best suited for upper elementary and above.

The Great Dinosaur Mystery and the BibleWhat Really Happened to the Dinosaurs? (DJ and Tracker John)Dinosaurs by DesignDry Bones and Other FossilsDinosaurs of Eden: Tracing the Mystery Through HistoryD Is for Dinosaur : A Rhyme Book and More



  1. I have been a looky loo with your blog for a few months now and quite enjoy it. Thank you so much for the dinosaur book recommendations. We are attending a birthday party of a dino crazy friend of my sons, and D Is For Dinosaur looks just right. Any more creation book recommendations you have would be much appreciated.

    Virginia Lee

  2. I am sure this would be a stretch for your church class, but did you know about the Dinosaur Exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum Center? Of course, it is probably done in an evolutionary way, but I heard the exhibits are like none other! I think we are going to try and make a trip there before it leaves.


  3. I have a few of these books I found at used curriculum sales – love them! In response to the dinosaur museum, the creation museum with its dinosaur exhibit is in Petersburg, KY, only 7 miles from Cincinnati airport. I haven’t been to either, but based on the creation view point vs the evolutionary stance, I’d choose Creation Museum. We plan to make a trip up there in a few months.

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