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Christian Kids Explore Chemistry

Okay, I have to admit up front that Christian Kids Explore Chemistry is getting tough for this ol’ momma who realized early on that she was never meant to be a chemist in life.  Seriously, what I’m teaching the kids now are things I learned in high school!  Lucky for me, the book is walking us through each of the concepts slowly and in fairly kid-friendly terms.  Unfortunately, though, I’m finding that I’d really appreciate an answer key for the daily lessons now.

Chemical Reaction – Acid on Copper

Reversing the Chemical Reaction of Acid on Copper

Mahayla is doing well.  She will have a great base of understanding when high school chemistry rolls around.  Caleb, is doing well, too, for a third grader.  Unfortunately, though, much of the content is now making his eyes glaze over.   On the positive side, he’s still very much up for the experiments.

Chemical Reaction – Acid on Calcium Carbonate




  1. Thank you for the tips!! I had thought before about this book, but now will definitely re-think it after your notes on it. I so enjoy your blog and all of its ideas :).

  2. Hi Cindy,
    Several times I have wanted to pick up one of the Christian Kids science books. I’m still intrigued even though you say you wish you had an answer sheet. I would definitely want one too! What age group do you think would benefit the most from this?

  3. Thanks Cindy for popping over to answer my question!

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