2008-09 Overall Plans

School will be starting up again soon!  We’ll probably wait until the rest of the garden has been harvested and canned/frozen, but the serious planning is well underway already.  Following is our overall plan for the year.


Since working through the Old, then New Testaments over the last two years, I think we’re going to branch off into various devotionals and kid-friendly Bible studies this year.  Some of which will include both kiddos, while some will be separate.  A couple will be completed as part of our kid/youth group studies at church, too.  These are just to get us started.  I haven’t decided exactly where we’re headed after these are finished.

Science and History

This year’s science cycle is chemistry.  Besides a once a month chemistry club that a friend is going to host, we will work our way through:

Of course, nature study will continue at least weekly, too.


Our history cycle is Early American History.  The plan is to get through as many of the units below as possible and pick up where we leave off as we head into Modern American History next year.  I’ll be posting detailed unit plans as we get to them.

  • Explorers
  • Native Americans
  • Pilgrims
  • Colonial America
  • Revolutionary War (and other significant wars – French Indian, 1812)
  • Pioneers/Westward Expansion
  • Salvery/Underground Railroad
  • Civil War

I’m also considering buying the The Story of the World Vol. 3 CD’s for our listening pleasure.  (And to keep up with world history of the time period.)

Mahayla – 6th Grade


And various logic activities.




We’re continuing the blog, journal, field trip journal, writing prompts and newsletters.  We’ll also be adding things here and there from:


With each unit, she will be assigned at least one book.  Otherwise, I never have to worry about her reading and comprehending.  In fact, I often have to ask her to stop reading so she can get other things done!


Handwriting and typing will be practiced thoroughly through writing assignments.  Within each unit, there will be some copywork, and at least weekly, she will practice keyboard skills at Nimble Fingers.

Caleb – 3rd Grade


Various logic activities




We will continue with the journal, field trip journal, writing prompts and newsletters.



Cursive practice worksheets

Nimble Fingers

Other Things That Will Be Tackled At Least Weekly

Art/Artist Study

Adventures in Art – an out of print book I found at a used curriculum sale

Artist Studies


Paid piano lessons for Mahayla

Composer Studies

Foreign Language

We don’t hit this hard, but here are some resources I at least plan to pull out once in a while.

Home Skills, Homestead Skills & Handicrafts

Keepers At Home group

Indoor and outdoor chores

Weekly cooking responsibilities

Serving others

4-H Club

I know this looks like A LOT, but remember I don’t do everything from every curriculum, nor do I teach everything every day!  Life is education!!!  I’ll be keeping you posted on our school year and I wish you a very blessed, productive and smooth school year at your house!

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