What Is Metamorphosis? An Insect Life Cycles Nature Study

How do you feel about insects? I bet there are at least a few species you enjoy observing! In this insect life cycles nature study episode of the podcast, it’s fascinating to learn about their life cycles whether you love insects or not.

Insect Life Cycles Nature Study

First, listen to the podcast episode to hear about Mrs. Cindy’s experience with one troublesome insect she finds in her vegetable garden every year. Afterward, see how many questions your family can answer below!

  1. Name at least two insects Mrs. Cindy enjoys observing.
  2. Name at least two insects Mrs. Cindy loathes.
  3. Which insect life cycle is discussed in detail in the episode?
  4. What family of plants do tomato hornworms eat?
  5. Name the four stages in a complete metamorphosis.
  6. What is the other type of metamorphosis called?
  7. In what life cycle stage is the tomato hornworm?
  8. What do you call an adult tomato hornworm?
tomato hornworm on a stem

Insect Life Cycles Nature Study Video Class

In the upcoming No Sweat Nature Study LIVE video class about insect life cycles, learn the similarities and differences between complete and incomplete life cycles. Draw diagrams of each while viewing the life cycles of several common insects. After this class, be amazed by how many life cycles you can observe and identify in nature!

A light green praying mantis with a darker green background. This image is for an advertisement for a class about insect life cycles.

Free Spring Printable

Help your children remember what they observe and learn, plus give them things to watch for with this free Spring Nature Study Printable Packet. The activities work for a wide range of ages!

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