Make Memories


You’re sitting around the dining room table some Sunday afternoon 20 or 30 years from now with your children and grandchildren.What will your children want to talk about?

I hope my children have rich stories full of wonderful memories to talk about!I hope there will be many bright and beautiful moments that stand out in their minds that they want to share with their children.Moments that they want to recreate with their children!

I won’t mind talking about the daily grind of chores and school work. I won’t mind talking about the rotten days when we all grumped around.I won’t mind talking about anything really.I’ll just be all smiles that my children and grandchildren are at my table!But I sure will be happy when the conversation turns consistently to the things that I purposely set out to do when they were children that I wanted them to remember when they grew up.

Things like a trip to the museum, a tea party, jumping on the trampoline together, mom acting like a crazy woman when they made a homerun, weekly picnics at the park during the summer, water balloon fights, snuggling on the couch with good books, making special meals together, pillow and blanket forts, hikes to the creek………………

Everything so simple, yet so important.

I hope your table will be filled with special memories!

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