I’m Bored! List

On a recent blog, I posted some of the things I do to keep my kids busy and learning during our summer break. One of the things was creating a 100 Things To Do If Bored List. I just recently came up with this summer’s list and thought it might be useful as a Tip Of The Day.  Feel free to copy it and change it to suit your family! (It may be a little more or less than 100. I stopped counting in the 80’s.)

100 Things To Do If I’m Bored

ride a bike
take a nature walk
do an experiment
play an instrument
play a board game
clean your room
wash windows
do a craft
play a card game
organize a book shelf
make a recipe
do a devotional
call a friend
write a letter
play dress up
do a puzzle
make a mask
listen to music
weed the flowers
water the flowers
make up a story
act out a story
make up asong
listen to a book on tape
bird watch
do leaf rubbings
graph the number of bugs you see in an hour
collect seeds
actually play with your toys
do origami
create a Bible lesson to teach to a younger child
play a computer game
organize the refrigerator
read a magazine
dig in the garden
look up a word you don’t know in the dictionary and try to use it throughout the day
collect rocks
paint rocks
write a Christmas wish list
make bubbles
jump rope
play in water
mop a bathroom
organize a drawer in your room
paint a picture
watch the clouds go by
make a prayer journal
teach your dogs a trick
experiment with new hairstyles
make some beaded jewelry
take a treat to a neighbor
wash the car
build something from wood scraps
plant seeds
practice a play to put on for your parents
do jumping jacks
wash dishes
play hide and go seek
build with legos
play cowboys and indians
pull out your spy journals
sort shells
play with pattern blocks
set up a picture studio
make play dough
make a healthy snack
plan a party
write a grocery list for Mom
memorize a poem and tell it to someone
play school
design an outfit
set up a store for your family to shop
help an elderly neighbor with a job around their house
make an instrument
take a nap
take a long bubble bath
vacuum the van
make clay boats to sail
make your own 100 things to do list
do a crossword puzzle
write and illustrate a story
study an artist and try one of his or her pieces
make silly faces in the mirror
jump on the trampoline
make puppets
organize pictures
go through toys and choose some to give away
go through clothes and bag up the ones that are too small
make cards for you family or friends
try a new recipe
write down some of your hopes and dreams

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