Learning Centers

Whether it’s a unit, a special holiday, someone’s birthday or just something you want to do to peak your children’s interest in a certain subject, think about creating a special place of learning in your home to create a buzz of inquisitiveness in your children.  We call them learning centers, but you call them whatever you like.

Insects Anyone?

insect learning center for the homeschool

In this learning center I’ve placed some bumblebee fabric (that I already had) on a little table in our hallway.  I’ve included a bowl of plastic bugs, some insect books (nonfiction and fiction), a bug box with built in magnifier, sketchbooks and colored pencils, insect life cycle cards (handmade from internet photocopies), bug stickers and some fun reproducibles I found on the internet.

Since we’re not really “schooling” right now, I’m using this table as more of an exploration center for the time being.  I’ll probably change a few of the current items out in a couple of days.Maybe adding the Cootie game, some play dough for bug sculpting, some insect coloring/labeling sheets and a self-explanatory experiment.

In two days’ time, my children have LOVED this display and have soaked up every book and goody I’ve put out.  I’m off to plan more displays………..

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