The Letter V

Preschool Activities for the Letter V

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A volcano made from construction paper became our alphabet poster for the letter V.

Sorting veggies from fruit doubled as a nutrition lesson.

Valentine cookies are an easy recipe for preschoolers to help with – and yummy!

Because it was pretty outside (and because I was unmotivated to come up with other activities this week), we went on a nature walk looking for anything having to do with the letter V.  All the photos below are from that walk.

A “V” stick

Violet colored flowers

Evidence of a beaVer

V in a tree

A violet

A vine

We enjoyed these during our letter V week!

The Vegetables We Eat

Growing Vegetable Soup

The Ugly Vegetables



The Velveteen Rabbit

Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin

Veggie Tales Videos

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