Project-Based Learning: Posters

I’ve been telling you forever about the difference project-based learning has made in our homeschool.  It’s made such a difference, I even included an entire chapter on the subject in Homeschooling Gifted and Advanced Learners! I’ve given you project ideas in the past, but I thought it was high time to dive a little deeper…

Project-Based Learning: Real Life

Our kids eventually have to function in real life without our daily direction and help, right? To make the transition easier, allow your children to be involved in real life projects that involve situations to solve real life problems. The life preparation is fantastic, but I’ve found the motivation to actually complete such projects just as rewarding….

Project-Based Learning Ideas

I’m a huge believer in project-based learning! Keep reading to learn why and to get tons of project-based learning ideas for your homeschool! Just what is project-based learning? Quite simply, it’s a learning method in which your children dive into a subject and complete a project to show what they know.  Projects can really be…

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