You’ve found the one-stop shop for homeschool nature study curricula and video classes. No matter your style, we have a nature-based science series for your family! Be sure to check out the homeschooling helps for parents, too!

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Interactive science classes for 1st-8th graders teach in-depth science and scientific vocabulary through the lens of nature study. During engaging video classes with Mrs. Cindy, children create nature journal pages that build skills in observation, art, writing, note-taking, diagramming, charting, and higher-order thinking. Enjoy twice-monthly live classes and a video library of over 150 classes, each with exciting resources for optional additional learning.

Parent-Guided Learning

NaturExplorers Guides

Enjoy educational adventures in nature through creative nature walks, books, hands-on activities, kid-friendly research projects, and more. Each teaching guide can be used with multiple ages to cover a broad nature study topic thoroughly. These are very comprehensive yet flexible and can be used as unit studies lasting up to an entire semester.

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Parent-Guided Learning

Nature Study Made Easy

Teach nature-based lessons from the comfort of your home or classroom. Flexible guides provide engaging text, kid-friendly YouTube videos, and book suggestions to help your family understand science topics before participating in your choice of nature journaling, hands-on learning, research-based projects, or nature walks. In eight lessons, topics are covered thoroughly and provide flexibility without overwhelming you with options. These can be used with multiple ages for up to two months.

Parent-Guided Learning

Grab-N-Go Nature Walks

These creative grab-and-go guides offer simple yet engaging nature walks requiring little to no preparation. From quick nature journaling prompts to printable nature science labs, these guides can keep your family actively learning in nature for years.

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Resources for Parents

Homeschool Masterclasses

With 20+ years of experience in homeschooling and a master’s degree in education, Cindy offers plenty of practical advice to parents during video classes about unique topics and methods. You will receive fruitful tips and tricks to use right away for successful homeschooling.

Resources for Parents

Practical Homeschooling Help

From Charlotte Mason-inspired homeschooling and living math to homeschooling gifted and twice-exceptional students, you’ll love that these books are easy to read and even easier to implement. Each book provides practical encouragement to help you feel confident in homeschooling.

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