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Designing a Practical Homeschool Schedule


You really can have a practical homeschool schedule that includes all the academics, several of the extras, and lots of peace and joy. Let me help you develop your perfect plan! 

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Does your head spin as you think about your daily homeschool schedule?

Are you constantly fighting to fit “all the things” in and find that there’s never enough time in the day…or week…or month? It just takes so much time to get to all the subjects and to teach all the people, right?

Do you find there are lots of things you’d like to fit into your schedule, but they are overshadowed by a frantic race to the finish that leaves you exhausted day in and day out?

Homeschooling might even feel like an untamed beast that rules your life and leaves everyone overwhelmed. You were going for a love of learning and here you find your entire family sick and tired of the never-ending daily grind.


Take a deep breath and get ready for a breakthrough in your homeschool.


You CAN homeschool productively without spending hours and hours a day in the books!

You CAN really and truly inspire a love for learning!

You absolutely CAN tame the beast so that homeschooling is contained to its proper place in your family – leaving everyone feeling much less pressure and lots more joy.


I’m Cindy West and I’ve homeschooled multiple ages, with their multiple abilities, struggles, and interests for nearly 20 years. Early on, I settled into a general plan for a practical homeschool schedule that has allowed me to “fit it all in” without overwhelm for myself or my children.

I would LOVE to help you learn how to create your own practical homeschool schedule that works perfectly for your family! 

While I won’t actually hand you the perfect schedule at the end of the video training, I will share principles and practices and ideas that you can consider which have the potential revolutionize your own schedule for the upcoming school year.

You may have noticed the title of the masterclass says “Charlotte Mason Inspired”. I’ve been a Charlotte Mason inspired homeschooler from the very beginning. Inspired means I don’t follow the method to perfection, but instead build my homeschool around the principles. This has given my family a wonderful framework with lots of freedom in the actual learning.

Many of those Charlotte Mason principles are the foundations of planning a realistic, yet rigorous homeschool schedule. You don’t have to be a Charlotte Mason homeschooler to benefit from the training! You don’t even have to be remotely interested in Charlotte Mason.

The masterclass is for EVERYONE! In fact, there will be lots of tips and tricks you’ll learn that have nothing to do with Charlotte Mason. So come! Bring along a notebook and a pencil (because you’ll want to take notes)!

1 hour of training + 50 minute Q&A

BONUS: You’ll have forever access to the video replay and can ask additional questions in a special Facebook group set up just for you!


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