Brain Training at Home: What, Why, and How?


Learn to use game-like activities for brain training at home to help improve cognitive skills and boost academic performance for all ages.

If your child struggles with attention, memory, auditory processing, visual processing, comprehension, or logical reasoning, brain training exercises can help!

What exactly is brain training and why would you consider it for your homeschool? Where do you start? What do you do? These questions and many others will be answered clearly, concisely, and practically during this masterclass about brain training at home!

Quite simply, brain training includes game-like activities to improve cognitive skills for all ages. The targeted activities help train the brain to focus for better understanding and faster thinking. 

If your child struggles with any of the following cognitive skills, brain training exercises can help!

  • attention
  • memory
  • processing
  • comprehension
  • logical reasoning

Brain training can be a game-changer for kids who struggle with ADD, ADHD, auditory processing, visual processing, comprehension of their assignments, remembering directions, solving problems, and even handling conflicts. 

Imagine blessing your child with tools that will lead to less family stress and more academic growth when you give the brain visual and auditory tactics to maintain attention, remember things, process information, comprehend information, and think logically!

Basic brain training exercises can easily be done at home. These are good for any child who could use a boost in one or all of the cognitive skills. Children with significant cognitive functioning issues and learning disabilities will likely need to work with a trained professional.

What can you expect during this video training?

  • You will receive a thorough overview of brain training and its benefits.
  • You will understand the cognitive skills and how they each work in life and learning.
  • You will learn how brain training at home differs from brain training at a professional facility.
  • You will leave with tons of practical ideas to get you started in targeted brain training activities at home.

The best part…the activities are quick, easy, and fun! 

Since every simple idea I will share with you is game-like, your children will beg for a daily brain training session. In just 5-15 minutes a day, you can see vast improvements if you stick with it for several weeks!

Please note that Cindy is just a mom who’s used these principles, games, and exercises to make a difference in the memory and attention of her children. She cannot promise the same results in your children. She holds a master’s degree in elementary education, but does not hold degrees in special education, psychology, or occupational therapy.

1 hour training + 30 minute Q&A

BONUS: You’ll have forever access to the video replay and can ask additional questions in a special Facebook group set up just for you!


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