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How To Teach Writing With Picture Books Masterclass


Teaching writing can be fun and relatively easy with the help of picture books. Let Cindy show you how to use simple picture books to develop incredible writing skills in students from 5th-12th grades.

Have these words ever crossed your mind? “I don’t know how to teach writing!” or, “I hate teaching writing SO much.” 

Perhaps you’ve heard something along these lines from a sweet child or two? “I hate writing! It’s hard. I have no idea where to begin. I don’t even know what to write!” 

I hear all of the above all of the time from homeschooling parents. Unless your child is a natural, writing is one of those subjects that can seem dreadful.

Parents feel stuck not knowing where to begin with writing instruction and tend to bounce from one curriculum to another hoping that the next one will finally have the magic key that creates fantastic, joyful writers.

Bored students rarely get excited about any of the curriculum because most lack connection to anything real and meaningful. And that blank piece of paper still seems so overwhelming. 

Enter picture books.

Really good picture books are written by really good authors. Really good authors are pros at writing. Thus, really good picture books can help your 5th-12th graders become pros at writing, too!


Find your library card. This very practical masterclass will have you running to the library to see if something as simple as picture books can really be the life changing writing tool you’ve been waiting for all your homeschooling life.

By the time students graduate high school, they should be:

  • proficient at writing four types of essays: narrative, descriptive, persuasive, and expository; and
  • able to write with voice using great structure and literary techniques.

Let Cindy show you practical examples of how she’s used picture books over the years to teach her children to write well. It’s really very easy and you’ll be amazed at the difference this method makes in the attitudes about writing and the quality of the final drafts!

Cindy will show you…

  • how she begins each year (starting in 5th or 6th grade) with a plan in place to teach each type of essay;
  • how she uses picture books to get the ball rolling on an essay;
  • how she uses picture books to improve the quality of each writing; and
  • how she uses picture books to convince students about the importance of editing towards a final draft.

This training is way more than a lecture. Cindy will walk you through actual lessons about how to teach writing so that you feel confident using the techniques with your children! 

1 hour lecture + 30 minute Q&A time

BONUS: You’ll have forever access to the video replay and can ask additional questions in a special Facebook group set up just for you!

1 review for How To Teach Writing With Picture Books Masterclass

  1. Amanda Hopkins

    What a fun and simple way to make writing fun for my children. I love the skills and ideas I am able to walk away with. My son doesn’t hate writing as much, and I can see that he is actually having fun!

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