A Visit to the Cincinnati Zoo

There’s very little better than a field trip to make learning come to life!

Eli (our preschooler) has been begging to go to the zoo for months.  Lucky for him, we won two free tickets to the Cincinnati Zoo not too long ago and last week was the perfect weather for an outdoor field trip.  While the trip was as much for the little guy as everyone else, we definitely took advantage of our middle and high school studies in biology this year while we were there, too!

Here are a few fun photos from the day.

We found zookeepers throughout the zoo allowing us to pet animals and ask question. This little penguin was WAY cute!
Another zookeeper was asking the kids to hunt for a snake in the sandbox. Notice who isn't in the photo? Me!
The children's petting zoo was full of farm animals.
Eli has a fascination with animal ears - always has. Maybe he'll be a vet who specializes in hearing difficulties!
What kind of strange tortoise is this?
Eli's "wing span" was the size of a red-tailed hawk. He thought that was pretty cool since he enjoys watching hawks fly around our farm.
I think all three of my children weighed the same as something like 45 million insects!
I love watching my children love learning.
We enjoyed listening to zookeepers present brief shows about various animals.
Everyone's favorite and noisiest animals - the gibbons.
One of our favorite photos of the day.

If you’ve been to both, which is your favorite – the Cincinnati Zoo or the Louisville Zoo?

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  1. I think this is the perfect time of year to visit the Zoo. More of the animals seem to be out and about and not hiding away from the heat and humidity.
    We love the Cincinnati Zoo. Mostly because of the giraffes!
    Have never been to the Louisville Zoo. For us it is always a debate between Cincinnati and Columbus. Columbus has a great new bear exhibit but not giraffes. It is always to difficult to decide! 🙂

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