Why Is the Amazon Rainforest So Noisy?

How is it possible to enjoy an Amazon Rainforest nature study when most of us will never travel to South America for a nature walk? It’s easy. Not every nature study topic has to be experienced outdoors. When a nature walk isn’t possible, the next best thing is to study from afar. This episode of the No Sweat Nature Study Podcast does just that!

Take an imaginary journey to hear the sounds of biodiversity as we discuss why the Amazon Rainforest is so noisy. You might think animals are the only noise-makers, but that’s not necessarily true!

The Rainforest Nature Study

After listening to the podcast episode, see how many questions you can answer!

  1. Why is the Amazon Rainforest so noisy?
  2. On which continent is the Amazon Rainforest located?
  3. What is biodiversity?
  4. How is the vegetation in the Amazon Rainforest described?
  5. What is vocalization?
  6. Give a few examples of animal vocalization.
  7. What is a cacophony?
  8. Besides animals, what other noises add to the cacophony?
orange, blue, black tree frog on a green leaf

The Rainforest Nature Study Video Class

In the No Sweat Nature Study LIVE video class about rainforests, expect to discuss the differences between tropical and temperate rainforests and see where they’re located around the world.

As you create a vibrant tropical rainforest scene in your nature journal, learn about the incredible biodiversity, the dense vegetation, and why there are rainforest layers. Tropical rainforest ecosystems are some of the lushest and noisiest around and you’ll be amazed to discover some of the most unique reasons why!

Moss covered rocks in a forest. Advertising a nature study about the rainforest.

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