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Frogs and Toads


This study of frogs and toads is perfect for spring or summer and provides you with tons of ideas for hands-on, literature-based, project-based lessons your kids will love.

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Spring and summer nights spent listening to the calls of frogs and toads are so peaceful.

Something about stumbling upon a frog or toad is peaceful, too. Maybe it’s because they often allow you to quietly sit and observe as they go about their daily life, well most toads do anyway.

This guide will first teach you the best places to look for frogs, toads, eggs and tadpoles. Once you find them, we’ll help you make the most of your observations in the field and at home.

You’ll find all kinds of hands-on suggestions such as:

measuring jumps

creating diagrams

mapping habitats

crafting toad abodes

observing meal time

making toad inspired recipes

making various models

demonstrating skin permeability

building a life cycle

and much more!

The Frogs and Toads curriculum guide will also keep you busy learning about such things as:

  • differences between frogs and toads
  • metamorphosis
  • amphibians
  • vertebrates
  • cold-blooded animals
  • carnivores
  • molting
  • defense mechanisms
  • predator and prey relationships
  • estivation
  • vernal pools
  • habitats

There are well over 70 lessons from which to choose – not to mention the 15 notebooking pages that are included!

Any child who brings frogs or toads home in their pocket will love this study! But, those of you who prefer to watch frogs and toads from a tad further distance will love it, too.

The guide is best used during spring or summer when frogs and toads can be most easily observed in nature. However, all but a handful of the lessons can easily be completed without the need for live critters. So, no worries if you don’t think you’ll have access to frogs or toads – or if you prefer to complete this study in autumn or winter. You’ll find plenty to do!

This curriculum pairs well with frog dissection, a rain forest study, or any study of amphibians, ponds, or general biology.

56 pages, digital curriculum


1 review for Frogs and Toads

  1. Ruthie

    It has been a couple of years since we completed this study but my girls (then 7 and 9) loved it. I believe we spent a whole month learning about frogs and toads. They learned a lot have since spent many summer days outside catching and observing frogs.
    I do love the format used for the NaturExplorers, in that it is not scheduled for me but allows me to pick and choose activities and doesn’t try to tell me how soon to finish. Like I said, we spent a month on FROGS. The suggested literature is great and my girls loved reading about their little friends. We are planning another NaturExplorers unit soon and are looking forward to it.

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