NaturExplorers Guides

If you hope to dive deeply into science through nature study topics, you’re in the right place! NaturExplorers guides include everything you need for creative nature walks and in-depth learning at home.

Some folks would call these unit studies and that’s fair. The nature walks, hands-on activities, kid-friend research-based activities, printable activities, literature lists, poetry, art, and music connections certainly cover a lot of ground across the curriculum.

You don’t have to enjoy unit studies to get a tremendous amount of benefit from the NaturExplorers series, though. Use them as your science curriculum each day, choosing an indoor or outdoor activity to learn about the topic. Or, use them simply for the 20-40 creative nature walks that help children discover more and more about the topic with each trip outdoors.

Of course, depending on how you choose to use each study, the amount of time will vary. Most folks choose to use 1-2 per semester with their 1st-8th grade students. (There are some special ideas in each guide for older children if they want to tag along to enjoy the fun and meaningful lessons too!)


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