Pontoon Tour

In October, we were blessed to take a *free* pontoon tour of the KY River in Frankfort with my parents.  The city offers this tour weekly late spring through early fall as a unique historical guided tour of Kentucky’s capital city.

Boats, dams, bridges, flood walls, historical sties, historical stories and more made for fascinating science and history lessons!

As a nature study, a boat tour is a great way to observe river life from a new perspective.  Trees, plants, rocks, landforms, erosion, decomposition, evidence of flood, water animals, animals that live near water, predator/prey relationships and many more opportunities presented themselves just during this hour-long trip.

Studying rivers or creeks from the banks is great fun, but if you ever have a chance to take a boat study – go for it!  It’s great fun!



  1. Alecia Wimer says:

    Looks like a great learning opportunity, Cindy! Do you have a link for more info. for next year? I used to teach at a school, in Frankfort, right on the Kentucky River,so it’s near my old “stomping ground.” I feel much more blessed, though, and in my God given role to be my husband’s helpmeet, and home educating my little blessings!

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