Homeschooling Gifted Kids…Really?

Homeschooling Gifted Kids

My {Shortened} Story About the Beginning of Our Homeschooling Journey

I bet you didn’t know we never set out in the beginning to be a homeschooling family.  The wonderful twists and turns of life led us in this direction and I’m so incredibly thankful! I was a public school teacher before having children, and the thought of homeschooling never entered my mind. In fact, I thought homeschooled children must certainly be weird and their parents couldn’t possibly be good enough teachers.  Gasp!

When Mahayla was born, I quit work to be a stay-at-home mom “for a little while.” By age four,she was reading (really) well with very little help from me.  I knew way too much about the public school system and began to question how it would be able to meet her needs effectively.  Besides reading early, she was highly advanced in math & science, had an easily broken spirit, and had some fairly severe food allergies.  So, in spite of the original plan and concerns, our great experiment into the world of homeschooling began.

Has It Worked?

Eleven years have passed.  I don’t consider homeschooling an experiment anymore because I have seen so much fruit in the lives of all three of my children who are now 15, 12 and almost 6. Each of them has strengths and weaknesses – some of those strengths even considered giftedness – and we’ve been able to meet each of their needs perfectly. Not just academically, but emotionally, physically, socially, spiritually…each of my children is growing and thriving.

Would You Share Some Tips?

When people ask me why I would ever even consider homeschooling gifted and advanced kids, I say, “Why wouldn’t I?”

  • I love having the opportunity to help each of my children soar in their gifted & talented areas – or put on the brakes in areas where they struggle.
  • I love finding opportunities and having the freedom and flexibility to seize those moments.
  • Most of all, I love that my children have time. Time to be kids, time to pursue passions, time to learn, time to worship, time to play, time to serve others, and time to explore all this wonderful world has to offer.

Homeschooling isn’t easy, whether you have gifted kids or not, but it is worth it!

Homeschooling Gifted Kids

I’ve written a book to help you make sure it’s worth it for you and your children for years to come. After you read Homeschooling Gifted Kids, I’d love for you to share your thoughts with me!

Homeschooling Gifted Kids is a great book for all parents - whether your children are gifted or not!

What Are Your Challenges?

Share your thoughts about homeschooling gifted or advanced children. What are the benefits?  What are the challenges? How are you doing?


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