Perennial Bulbs Nature Study for the Entire Family

Flowers are some of the easiest and most beautiful things to observe during nature study. Luckily, they can be observed throughout the year, with different varieties always growing. In this lesson, learn about special flowering plants that grow from bulbs in the soil called perennial bulbs. The best time for perennial bulbs nature study is early spring through early summer, so it’s perfect timing.

Perennial Bulbs Nature Study

In the podcast episode, discover the definition of perennial and hear about the interesting life cycle of bulbs. After listening, answer these fun questions!

  1. Name three reasons flowers are easy to observe in nature.
  2. Do bulbs live in the soil or above it?
  3. In which seasons are bulb flowers most likely to bloom?
  4. Is the plant dead when the flowers of a perennial bulb plant stop blooming?
  5. How do you know photosynthesis is still happening even after the flowers are finished blooming?
  6. How does Mrs. Cindy always misspell the word “perennial”?
  7. Figure out a way to remember the correct spelling of the word “perennial.”
  8. How many years can perennial plants live?
small orange lily

Perennial Bulbs Nature Study Video Class

In the upcoming No Sweat Nature Study LIVE video class about perennial bulbs, use watercolors to create a beautiful chart of several bulb species and their stunning flowers. Paint flowers that bloom from early spring through the summer and notice the differences between early and late bloomers.

In botany, bulbs are modified stems that store nutrition for the plant. Learn how bulbs differ from other flowering plants and how perennials differ from annuals. Expect to learn the anatomy of a bulb and how each part plays a role throughout the year.

Pink and yellow tulips among greenery. This image is for an advertisement for a class about perennial bulbs.

Free Nature Observation Printable Packet for All Seasons

No matter what time of year you’re listening to this episode of the No Sweat Nature Study Podcast, here’s a printable pack of nature observation activities for every season of the year!

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