My Little Boy

Is it all little boys, or do I just have a really funny kid?  He keeps us in stiches, well most of the time anyway.  I find it hard to laugh at some of his shenanigans – like holding his crawling baby brother’s feet and considering that “babysitting”.  Anyway, here’s the latest installment of Caleb’s Creativity.  (I’m being generous to call some of it creativity!)

Caleb and Ethan are great buds.  They’ve learned each others phone numbers – need I say more?  Here’s a typical conversation:

Ethan:  Whatcha doin’?

Caleb:  Oh nothin’.

Ethan:   Are you doing school?

Caleb:  No, I’m finished for the day.

Ethan:  Okay, bye.

Caleb:  See ya later.

One rainy day not too long ago, they were having a phone conversation and I heard the door slam.  I *thought* I heard talking outside and then the door slammed again.  Caleb said, “Wait just a second.  I have to put on my raincoat…..Okay, I’m on my way back outside.”  Those two little stinkers were talking on the cordless phones AND playing in the rain at the same time!  Neither one of them saw anything at all wrong with standing in the rain and talking on the phone!

Another day, I saw Caleb running laps around the house.  After about five trips around, I looked out the window and thought I saw him holding something.  Yep, he was runninng laps AND talking to Ethan.  I have no idea if Ethan was running, too!

The best conversations go something like this….

Caleb:  Have you set up a booby trap for your sister yet today?

Ethan:  No, but I’m going to do it right now.  I’ll call you back as soon as it works!

And finally, here’s proof of one of Caleb’s latest booby traps.  Ahem, he was supposed to be CLEANING his room, not setting traps!  (By the way, I fell victim to one of the traps later that night!)

These are supposed to make you trip like a Tom and Jerry cartoon.

If someone puts his or her foot under the tractor, Caleb can cut the string from another location in his room and make the tractor fall.

The belt and hanger system doesn’t seem to be stopping baby brother!

And, yes, we had a talk about this one!  “You may not set up any more traps that can impale people!”

Have I ever mentioned his homemade punching bag?  This room used to be his sister’s (hence the purple walls that we keep promising to paint!!)  There’s a hook in the ceiling from a canopy that used to hang over his sister’s bed.  Well, one day I see him standing on top of three big Rubbermaid tubs that he’s stacked.  On tiptoes, with boxes wobbling below, he’s hanging this contraption!

I’ve written before that we are still working diligently on reading.  Beginning readers can still be a struggle, so asking him to read a whole passage from the Bible just hasn’t happened.  Well, this week in Sunday school, his teacher asked him to read a couple of verses.  When he got home, he said, “Hey Mom, I want to show you something.”  He opened up his Bible, found the verses and read them without the slightest bit of hesitation!  Then, he kept reading until he had read an entire passage of 10 or 12 verses!  Praise the Lord!  I had tears in my eyes the entire time, but best of all was the pride that shone in his eyes when he was done.

After reading to me, he read the same passage to his sister.  By the time his Dad came in from feeding cows, he had a “pulpit” set up with a vase of flowers, a cup of water and his Bible.  He said, “Sit down, Dad.  I’m going to preach you a sermon.”  And he did.

As always co-op moms, please be careful what you share with your kiddos.  Caleb doesn’t like his friends making fun of what mom “tells on him” here on my blog.  🙂

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