May’s Creation Club

This month’s Creation Club focus was on creeks and creek banks.  Sadly, though, the creek bank was grown up more than I had imagined and we didn’t get to do nearly as much exploring as planned.  For me, it didn’t matter because I can enjoy any nature walk.  For the children expecting to explore a creek in wet and wild ways, they were a bit disappointed.  Below are a few pictures from our walk.

Creation Club
Creation Club Creek
Explorer Eli

These were bright red mushrooms!

This one is bright red, too, although the color didn’t show up quite as well in the picture.  See the little snail sitting on it?  Can you see the worm holes in the wood?

This was found in the yard once we returned.  Our best guess is a Brown Headed Cowbird.  Any other suggestions?

And this one wasn’t found yesterday, but I couldn’t resist posting it.  We found it at Melissa’s house this week when we went for a visit.  It’s a cowboy hat shaped mushroom!  Eli tried to pick it up to put it on his head!

Cowboy Hat Mushroom

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  1. You’re more than welcome to link to ANY of my work. You know that. I’m flattered that you’d want to. Actually as I was transferring posts, I found a lot of goodies I’d forgotten about. I actually was convicted again by reading my own writing about nature study being our Christian duty! We so easily forget what He teaches us. Thus we must keep records and revisit them. We’ve been doing nature study, but I’ve not been bringing it around to revelation, “What did He teach you on this nature walk?”

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