Mammoth Cave and the Leadership Conference

Mammoth Cave is the most amazing site!  As the longest cave system in the world, there are many tours offered to cover miles and miles of underground beauty.  We chose the easiest tour because of Eli, but it also happens to be one of the most beautiful tours as well.  The Frozen Niagra tour is one of the only “wet” tours, which means you get to see God’s work in action.  Stalactites and stalagmites are being formed as you watch.  Plus, you get to see the most amazing works of God’s hand, including a huge formation appropriately called the Frozen Niagra that looks as if Niagra Falls has been frozen in rock.

Even as we listened to our tour guide talk about millions of years, we were able to clearly see God’s handiwork through the flood.  We were able to quietly explain to our children how the truth of the Bible could be proven in spite of some of the things the tour guide was saying.  I actually got brave and asked what sorts of fossils they’ve found in the cave.  He said, “Oh, we’ve found many, everything from mollusks to shark’s teeth.”  Sharks teeth!??  How can they explain sharks teeth (a salt water animal) being found inside a cave in the middle of Kentucky?  Well, we just winked at our children because we all knew the answer.

Can you see the running water over the cave entrance, as well as the frozen water?  It was just above freezing outside, but the temperature inside the cave remains a constant 54 degrees all year long.

After a Friday full of caving and swimming at our hotel, Saturday was conference day.  CHEK puts on a Leadership Conference every year to encourage and inform the support group leaders in KY.  It was a wonderful day!  (Especially because Steve took all the kiddos away for bowling and shopping for the entire six hours of the conference!!)  Many good speakers, a round table discussion and getting to know new homeschooling friends from around the state = a great time!  And I had the opportunity to present a workshop on managing your homeschool group without neglecting your family.

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