Fred Flinstone’s Friend, Apparently

Well, I never realized just how old 36 is.  Or should I say, I never realized just how old my children think 36 is.  After my son’s comment, I’m feeling like they think Fred Flinstone and I could’ve easily hung out together.

The kids found a typewriter in the basement and carted it upstairs with great excitement.  Mind you, it is a typewriter from the late 80’s or early 90’s, but not that old!  They studied and fiddled and tried every way possible to load the paper.  After they had finally loaded the paper from the front end and had it laying sideways and it was crooked, I finally, I said, “Would you like Mom to show you how to load it?”

Mahayla said, “No, I think I’ve figured it out.”

Caleb piped in with, “Come on, Mahayla, let her do it.  She grew up with this kind of computer!”

Yes, I guess I am that old!

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