KY Field Trip Frenzy

We have an unwritten tradition of starting our school year off with a field trip or two.  Sometimes the field trips are more like vacations – like when we went to Virginia.  Other times, it’s an overnight stay somewhere or a few simple day trips.  This year, we had so much fun kicking off the school year with a series of Kentucky day trips to prepare us for early American history studies!



Mt. Sterling


  • A family reunion in honor of my Granny who passed away




There are so many historical field trip opportunities in KY!  During our last early and modern history cycles, we took advantage of several other trips and I have plans to keep the trips coming as the year goes on.

There is SO much learning to be found on field trips!


  1. I have enjoyed your blog and homeschool experience. I am homeschooling our youngest child and this is my 2nd year. I also have a 14 and 12 year old. BTW, When you visited Ruth Hunt, you were in our home. I hope Mt. Sterling was nice to you.

  2. Melissa, We will head back to Mt. Sterling for Court Days soon! :o)

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