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 Do You Know Everything There is to Know?

Me either.  Far from it, actually.

When we first began homeschooling, one of the questions/comments I heard more often than most was, “How are you going to teach your children everything they need to know?  I would really want a professional teaching my children – especially as middle and high school approach.”

You’ve heard that question, too, haven’t you?  Well, from a veteran homeschooler who isn’t an expert in everything, but does have children who are successfully learning ALL subjects, I’ll share some of our experiences in teaching everything well.

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Realize You Probably Can’t Teach it All!

It’s true.  You will probably come across a subject or two that baffle you.  That’s okay.  You have SO many resources for homeschooling help at your fingertips!  As homeschoolers, we know that expert teachers have written curriculum that is very easy to understand and teach, making those tough subjects much more attainable.  Too many people give up when the written curriculum just isn’t enough, though.  Believe it or not, without too much extra effort or extra expense, you have a world of places to turn for teaching help!

Via Technology

  • We have used video classes to help with high school science and high school math.  The expert teachers of Apologia and Saxon go through the lessons with us making sure concepts are explained clearly.  These DVD lessons have been a HUGE help for us!
  • We have taken a few online courses from people who are really good at what they do.  Sometimes, these classes are live and sometimes my children work their way through prepared lessons on their own time and get regular feedback from their teachers.
  • The internet has been a FABULOUS teacher over the years.  As an example, when we couldn’t figure out how to use the scientific calculator for an algebra problem, a simple query online led us to the perfect YouTube video that had my daughter moving on in her lessons within a few minutes.
  • While I think “the real thing” is always better, television and dvd documentaries have been very helpful on many occasions, too.

Via Real People

  • Grandmas and a sweet 90 year old neighbor taught Mahayla to knit and crochet.
  • An expert piano player in our church gave my daughter piano lessons for years.
  • An expert worship minister is currently giving my two big kids guitar lessons.
  • Our 4-H leader, horticulturalist and consumer science extension agents have taught our children a slew of classes.
  • When my daughter was younger, several families gathered together regularly so the moms could teach the girls skills they excelled in – sewing, canning, cake decorating, flower arranging and more.
  • Co-op teachers have been a huge asset!  An occupational therapist taught a biology lab, a science major taught a chemistry lab, a minister taught apologetics, an English major taught Shakespeare and more!
  • Field trips have always drawn out the best in learning – especially those with lectures/guided tours/special classes/demonstrations/etc.
  • Special classes that have been offered through colleges, museums, libraries and more have almost always included expert teachers.
  • And don’t forget, there are opportunities for homeschool teachers to learn how to teach various subjects better, too!  Homeschool conferences (in person and online), local workshops, professional development offered by local universities, and even homeschool consultants.


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