Great Spring Nature Finds

Here are some more very cool discoveries from a recent nature walk.

Can you see inside the hole?  The picture below this one shows the mushrooms that were growing in the hole – and they were huge even if the picture doesn’t show that very well.

We wondered who enjoys this cozy little burrow.

Ants were busy, busy, busy going back and forth on this little path they had created between two ant holes.

Conks aren’t a good sign for the health of the tree, but they sure are pretty to look at!

We have several old brick piles from a house we tore down on the farm.  Take a look at this amazing and fuzzy orange fungus!  We believe it might be called Spreading Yellow Tooth.

Can you see the puff of pollen floating off of the plant?  Every time we stepped on one of these plants, pollen dust went flying through the air like a little bomb.

What cool nature finds have you made lately?


  1. In LA they actually have an Ant Festival every year! You believe that! Kelsey learned about it while we were there…they have ant races, and ant biggest size and smallest size, ant foods…imagine eating chocolate covered ants! Much love!

  2. I have awarded you a blog award! Stop by my blog to pick it up. Visit me at cabin in the woods.

  3. Wow! The discoveries you make amaze me! 😀

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