Fine Arts Tuesday #3

Fine Arts Tuesday was another hit this week.  I don’t think any of us are going to get tired of it anytime soon!

Early morning nature study was a simple summer scavenger hunt.

Art and classical music were combined this week.  In a simple activity, you play a piece of classical music and let the children use whatever art medium they like to express the feelings evoked in the music.  We chose to use watercolors and listen to several compositions from Beethoven.  My children did some pieces of art using lines only – long, fat lines that swirled for slow parts of the music and happy colored, choppy splotches when the music picked up the pace.  Other times, they painted pictures that showed the feeling of the music.  My favorite of these was Caleb’s picture below.  The blurs are supposed to be Tom and Jerry in the middle of a chase!

Finally, tea time was later in the day than usual, so we decided to have a muffin tin tea/lunch.  This type of lunch isn’t just for wee ones – even my hubby took part in the fun!

Oh, I almost forgot – our Book of the Month Club started this week, too.  Mrs. Lisa gave each of the children a cloth bag to decorate as a kickoff craft.

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