Family Celebrations

We’ve been enjoying so many family activities lately from birthdays to campaigning.  This is a very random post with highlights from several of our times together.  Family is important.  Don’t forget to make time for everyday celebrations with them!

Game time at my Daddy's birthday gathering. Anyone else ever played Farkle?
Cousins being silly together.
Cousins who think they're big enough to climb trees. They're not.
My birthday dinner that Mahayla made from scratch - Dijon Crusted Chicken, Scalloped Potatoes Broccoli Casserole and Honey Wheat Bread. Yum!
Precious time spent with my Granny who's 89 and in poor health. Anytime we have the opportunity to see here (she lives in Alabama) we count as a blessing.
Campaigning, campaigning and more campaigning!
This is from our trip to the World Equestrian Games. It was such a great day!

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