2010/11 Schedule

I promised this ages ago and it took a kick in the tail from Sprittibee to get me moving.  Here’s our general weekly schedule.  It’s just a sketch of what we try to do daily and weekly, but so many other things come up (like field trips, 4-H or orthodontist appts) that the schedule is very loose.  Very loose.

We do most of our Bible, science and history studies together.  You’ll notice I don’t have particular things like writing, art and music in the schedule this year.  That’s because I’m using science and especially history lessons to cover those subjects this year.  For example, at least once a week there is a writing assignment that goes along with the history learning – maybe a research report or historical fiction piece or project.

So, in short, just because it looks like each day’s lessons are rather light, there’s a lot more involved in the history and science subjects than meets the eye.

Since almost everyone asks…We’re TYPICALLY finished with school around lunchtime.  That doesn’t include read-alouds, music lesson practice, nature walks, horse training and the like.  Those are our more casual afternoon activities and aren’t usually “scheduled”.  Not every afternoon is spent doing academic style things either.  We plan most of our appointments and errands during the afternoon, so at least one afternoon a week is eaten up with these things.

When you live and school with the Charlotte Mason/Unit Study styles, a lot can be accomplished in a reasonable amount of time.  My kids are by no means geniuses, but they are very academically capable without having to pour over schoolwork for hours and hours a day.

You can see what curriculum we’re using this year here.

**Editing to add:  My children usually read before they go to bed at night, so reading is not typically part of the “school day”, even thought it’s part of our daily curriculum.


  1. i love your posts like this…seriously, you’ve taught me so much about homeschooling 🙂 thanks, cindy!

  2. Hi Cindy! I am using Saxon Math level 5/4 for my 5th grader. My question~There is so much material everyday in the Mixed Practice…How do you decide what to do?



  3. Easy – odds or evens. If they do well (like missing less than two problems) they’re done for the day. Otherwise, they have to do the extras. Odds or evens has worked for us ever since we began using Saxon!

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