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Snow And Ice


Not everyone thinks of nature study when the temperatures dip below freezing, but there are some amazing discoveries in store for you when you venture out during the winter months!

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In this wintery nature study guide, you will train yourself to see the beauty and delicate intricacies of frost, snow, and ice, as well as understand the science behind each.

More than 30 outdoor activity ideas will encourage you to:

  • explore properties of snow, ice & frost
  • make measurements
  • determine directionality
  • experiment with temperatures and wind chill
  • experiment with friction
  • notice plant and animal reactions
  • and much, much more!

Indoors, you can continue the learning while staying toasty and warm!  Almost 30 exciting experiments, demonstrations, and hands-on projects focus on such things as how snow, ice, frost, and crystals are created, why roads are salted, and how ice floats. You’ll determine the best insulation materials, and even complete arts, crafts, and recipes to go along with the wintery theme.

The topics don’t stop coming! Explore snow terms, learn about historical blizzards, discover winter sports, identify famous snowy mountains, practice mapping skills, and understand snow safety (plus plenty more) as you are prompted to complete several fun and practical projects.

All this plus 14 notebooking pages make a jam-packed guide that will keep you busy all winter. Don’t let the cold months slow down your nature study!

This study fits perfectly with any study of weather or the broad topic of earth science.

64 pages, digital curriculum



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