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Constant Conifers


Holding their leaves throughout winter, conifers are unique plants that deserve our nature study attention. This NaturExplorers study will help you discover all about cone-bearing plants.

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Trees are a popular topic of nature study. In our experience, however, most studies tend to revolve around deciduous trees, while conifers sit quietly in the background. Not any longer!

This nature study guide is a jam-packed resource for learning all sorts of wonderful information about the mighty cone-bearing plants.

Do you know why conifers have thin, waxy leaves?

Where are their seeds housed?

Why cone-bearing plants don’t produce flowers…or do they?

What’s the difference between a conifer and an evergreen?

These questions, and so many more, are answered through fun investigations indoors and out.

During more than 30 nature walks, you’ll complete in-depth investigations about all parts of conifers including cones, leaves, branches, sap and more.

  • search for evidence of insects, animals, fungi and disease
  • dissect tree parts
  • make comparisons between coniferous and deciduous trees
  • create a color palette
  • and even have the opportunity to get some hands-on math experience
  • among so many other things!

Indoors we’ll keep you busy with nearly 70 hands-on or research-based ideas from which you can pick and choose based on your abilities and interest levels. These activities are not only meaningful, but super-fun!

  • make models
  • create graphs
  • map forest types
  • research the logging industry
  • write your own stories
  • and much, much more!

Sixteen notebooking pages will go along with you on some of the nature walks and help you complete some of the indoor activities.

Even if you’ve completed an in-depth study of deciduous trees, there’s still a great deal to learn about the world of conifers.  Don’t miss this!

Constant Conifers can be used during any season and fits well with any general botany study.

60 pages, digital curriculum



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