Chicken Nature Study

Learn about everyone’s favorite domesticated fowl in this chicken nature study! Explore the reason behind a chicken’s unique practice of ingesting rocks. 

Chicken Nature Study

After listening to the podcast episode, quiz listening and comprehension skills by asking these questions about chickens.

  1. Why do chickens eat rocks?
  2. Besides rocks, what other undigestible items do chickens ingest?
  3. What is the name given to this group of undigestible items?
  4. How many parts does a chicken stomach have?
  5. In which part of the stomach is the grit stored?
  6. What does the stomach muscle do to help grind the food?
  7. What does the grit do to help grind the food?
  8. After moving through the gizzard, where does the pulverized food go?
red chickens pecking in the straw on the ground

Chickens Nature Study Video Class

In the upcoming No Sweat Nature Study LIVE video class about chickens, draw or paint a beautiful chicken with Mrs. Cindy. Label the external anatomy while discovering each part’s perfect purpose. Of course, a review of a chicken’s unique digestive system is in order, too!

This class is extra special because Mrs. Cindy’s adult daughter, Mahayla, will stop by to answer questions about raising chickens. She’s raised flocks and flocks over the years, which makes her an expert chicken farmer. She can’t wait to chat!

A Red and grey rooster and a grey hen, both with bright red combs. This image is for an advertisement for a class about chickens.

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