Are Your Children Complaining About School?

Send ’em to “public school”!!!

This morning my kiddos had to be up and dressed, with chores finished, and sitting at the kitchen table by 8:00am.  School was in session from 8:00-3:00!  They were given one 1/2 hour lunch/recess and two bathroom/water breaks.  The had to sit at the table in hardback chairs the entire time, and even raise their hands to speak!

About twice a year, I have to bring the “public school” into my home.  Why?  Because my sweet children have no idea how blessed they are to be homeschoolers.  After day upon day of whining and complaining about the work they have to do, I finally decided that they simply must be reminded about how thankful they should be.  So, I loaded them up with twice the workload (the worksheets, worksheets, oh the worksheets!!) and designed a very structured, very long day.  Poor things were exhausted by 3:00 – will they never learn?

But, I am so looking forward to tomorrow!  A slight reminder of our public school day will bring sweet smiles to their faces and joyful work from their hearts!  For awhile anyway…….Then “public school” will find itself back in my home for a visit yet again.

Try it!  It’s a bit of extra work for you, but WELL worth the effort!!

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  1. Ooh! Good idea!

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