Aaahh…A Schedule

Aaahh...A Schedule (6th and 3rd Charlotte Mason Homeschool)

School is just about up and running again and schedules are getting back on track.  I sure love the freedom that summer brings, but I’m always ready to get back on schedule.  School schedules, chore schedules, weekly engagement schedules.  Somehow, life is just calmer when it’s scheduled (around here anyway.)

Here’s a rough sketch of this year’s daily schedule and school routines.

  • Breakfast
  • Praise, Prayer, Bible
  • Chores
  • School Work
  • Lunch
  • Free time for big kids while mom gets little man down for nap
  • While little man naps – read alouds and/or game time
  • Free time for big kids to explore nature, handicrafts, projects, play, cooking….

School time is shaping up to look something like this:

Mahayla (6th)

Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri

Bible w/all             Bible study                  Bible study                Bible study                  Bible w/all

Saxon                   Saxon                         Problem solving      Saxon                          Problem solving

Spelling                 Nature Study              Spelling                     Spelling                       Spelling test

Journal                  Artist Tea                    Writing                      Blog                             Foreign lang

Grammar Lap       Club meeting                Grammar                  Grammar


30 min reading     30 min reading         30 min reading         30 min reading          30 min reading

Piano                    Piano                          Piano                         Piano                          Piano

History                                                    History                      Chemistry                   History


Caleb (3rd)

Bible w/all              Bible study              Bible study                 Bible study                 Bible w/all

Math                      Math                         Math                           Math                           Math

Phonics/Read        Read Alone              Phonics/Read            Phonics/Read             Read Aloud

Spelling                  Nature Study            Spelling                     Spelling                       Spelling Test

Journal                   Artist Tea                Cursive copywork     Cursive copywork     Foreign lang

Grammar                Club meeting            Grammar                   Grammar

Piano                                                       Typing                       Piano

History                                                     History                      Chemistry                   History

You can see many of our curriculum choices here.  We will do the following subjects together as a family:

  • Some Bible
  • Nature Study
  • Artist Tea
  • History
  • Chemistry

Our small county homeschool group already meets for Creation Club and 4-H.  Since both groups already meet on Tuesdays, we decided to add two more clubs to round out the month.  We’ll have a club four Tuesday afternoons a month.  The other clubs will vary between art, chemistry, a book of the month club and play dates thrown in for good measure.


  1. I’m with you, a good schedule makes for peaceful, productive days in our home and therefore a peaceful heart and mind for this mama! It gives me a sort of “all is right with the world again” feeling.

    We just moved quite a ways from home and are expecting a new little one in 12 days, so we’re really taking our “vacation time” now through the end of December (we continued school during this past summer in anticipation of the forthcoming break.) But I can’t handle all-out vacation mode, so I am working hard to establish a reasonable routine that we can maintain even during the foggy, sleepless weeks that are to come. In the meantime, I’ll derive vicarious enjoyment through the routine school days of others like yourself! 😉


  2. Do you have a link to your current year’s schedule? What ages are your kids? I’d love it if you emailed me as I’m working on refining my ‘CM’ schedule for this year and am not finding ways to get it as ‘simple’ looking as yours. LOL

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