Super Sensational Summer Sparks Box

Summer break has officially begun for us, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do.  Have you ever met a bored child in the summer?  That’s one of the worst types of children to be around!  🙂  Children homeschooled Charlotte Mason-style are usually good at keeping themselves busy, but I have a trick up my sleeve for those inevitable times when the kids need an idea or two for fun on their own.

Throughout the year, I’ve been gathering fun things and hoarding them away in a box that I’m calling the Super Sensational Summer Sparks box.

I’ve found cheap experiment sets, art/craft books, manipulatives and such at curriculum and yard sales that I’ve stashed away.  I’ve also pulled out some things that have been sitting on the shelves for a while that will seem like new.

One or two afternoons a week, I’ll let them browse through the box for an activity.  The box will be off limits the rest of the time so it will seem like a treasure chest waiting to be explored.  Or at least I hope it will.  As the box is emptied, I’ll fill it again with new items.  I’m even thinking of adding things like a baggie of ingredients for play dough, a box of shells with a magnifying glass, a bag of water balloons.  Things I already have around the house.  I have a feeling that finding these things in the Super Sensational Summer Sparks Box is going to be much more fun than if I just say, “How about making some play dough today?”

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