A Four-Year-Old Trained in Nature Study

Eli is our nature treasure hunter.  While the rest of us set out on our nature walks with high hopes to stumble upon something great, it’s often Eli (the preschooler) who finds the most greatness.  He loves nature walks and finds great joy in his keen sense of discovering things that make the rest of us “ooh” and “aah”.  I think it helps, too, that he’s closer to the ground than the rest of us!  At any rate, it blesses me beyond measure to see his excitement in exploring God’s wonderful creation.  Some of his recent finds…

Asiatic Dayflower. When open, Eli thinks it looks like a dragon. I think he's right.
Caterpillar Egg Casings
Can you see the hair-like fungus growing on the tomato?
Eli finds all sorts of fungi. This one is a tiny bracket fungus.
A beautiful spider web catching the sun.
A "furry" acorn growing on a white oak tree.
Do you see the caterpillar hanging out inside the morning glory bloom?

Don’t underestimate your preschoolers and their abilities!  Their greatness might surprise you!

Check out the NaturExplorers series written just for preschoolers and kindergarteners: Nature By the Season!


  1. I wish we could do more nature studies. We just moved to the desert in CA, and although you’d think we’d find alot of really cool stuff, we don’t. The valley has tons of farmland and we are totally surrounded by either cattle or crop. The redwoods are three hours to the east and the ocean is two hours to the west, however, that’s a long trip to do once a week.

    Have a great weekend

  2. Hi Michelle! (hand waving)

    Hmmm…How about studying crop plants – grasses, veggies, plant parts, where the water is coming from to nourish the plants. If you have friendly farmers around you and they allow you to walk through the fields, you will probably come across insects and animals using the fields as refuge from the desert.

    Also, how about a rock study? Clouds? Erosion is probably a good topic for the desert, too! You’re right, the redwoods and ocean are too far for frequent trips, but what a great opportunity to see/do/study once in awhile!

    Here’s hoping some nature topics step right in your path soon!

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