Winter Nature Study Printable Packet

Enjoy cold weather science with this free winter nature study printable packet! The six activities are perfect for children of all ages and will help with observational skills.

When homeschool families think of nature study, winter might not be the first season that comes to mind. But like any other season, winter is a great time to explore plant and animal life, the weather, and many other aspects of nature during the colder months.

Families explore biology when they look for animal tracks in the snow. Observing trees that have lost their leaves or retained their needles is biology, too. Experiencing the snow or ice and learning about how water changes states of matter exposes children to topics of physics and earth science.

Cold Weather Nature Study

Skipping nature study during the winter would mean students miss the opportunity to learn about animal adaptions, migration, interesting weather phenomena, and temperature changes. These free winter nature study printables can help your family observe and track all of these things and more!

All you need is a printer and a pencil. You can choose to bundle up and venture outdoors or, for some of the activities, stand in your warm home and look out a window! In the printable, you’ll find:

  • a winter scavenger hunt
  • an I-spy animal tracker
  • an animal track matching worksheet
  • a bird tally tracker
  • a daily weather tracker
  • a daily weather observation report

Free Winter Nature Study Printable

Winter Nature Study doesn’t have to be complicated. Download this free winter nature study printable pack today. Homeschool students of all ages can use the plant, animal, and weather observation activities.

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