Winter Conifer Walk

Winter Nature Study with Conifers

Nature Study in the Winter?

Yes!  There are still plenty of wonderful topics to study during the winter.  I’ve written about several of them before in a previous post titled, well, what else – Nature Study in the Winter.  One great topic that always makes for interesting study is conifers.  Conifers are evergreens that produce cones.

Winter Conifer Walk

A winter nature walk on the topic of conifers

Although any time of the year is good for studying conifers, they make a good topic for winter because there are still so many things actively going on with these beautiful evergreens.  They’re still green, they’re still holding and dropping cones, many already have buds in preparation for spring “flowers”, and some are already leaking sap through their bark.

Each of these facts could be an exciting topic for four different nature walks, giving you many days worth of study this winter!

  • They’re still green: Go on a nature walk to find and note all the various types of evergreens you can find.
  • They’re still holding and dropping cones: Find, draw and compare as many cones as you can.
  • Many already have buds in preparation for spring “flowers”: Locate the buds on evergreens and compare them to deciduous buds.
  • Some are already leaking sap through their bark: Observe sap and research its purpose at home later in the day.

Go Deep with Conifer Study

The NaturExplorers study Constant Conifers can help you expand these four ideas, as well as many others! Did you know our units offer not only nature walk ideas with background information, but follow-up activities, experiments, crafts, recipes, research projects, poetry and literature suggestions, artist and composer study AND notebooking pages?

Constant Conifers is packed full of ideas for a nature study themed unit on conifers
This nature-based science study teaches about cone-bearing plants through outdoor and indoor discovery activities. Plus LOTS more!
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