Animal Signs Walk

Late Autumn and Winter (before everything is covered by snow) is one of our favorite times to search the woods for signs of animals. It’s funny I’m posting this today as we’re covered by about 5 inches of snow, but here’s a peek into our walk a week or two ago.

Can you see the nest in the top half of this hole? It’s been prepared by some busy critter within the last month!
Small holes near the base of trees might house chipmunks, rabbits, snakes or other small animals.
Holes high up on tree trunks might house squirrels, owls or other tree top animals.
Berry scat! Nice picture, huh?
You may not be able to tell, but there is a series of mole tunnels covering the land.
I’m probably imagining things because it’s been a long time since my part of KY has seen bears, but these scratches look like bear claw marks! My husband thinks these are more likely the scars from some great adventure my son has had over the years.
This bush has been trampled by a large animal.

There are wonderful nature adventures waiting for you in this season less known for nature study. We have two NaturExplorers units just perfect for this topic, too. Check them out!


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