What’s in the Bible DVD? {Vol. 5}


What's in the Bible DVD

Have you been looking for a unique and engaging way to teach the Bible chronologically?  Boy, have I found some goodies – What’s in the Bible? DVD’s!

What’s What’s in the Bible?

Created by Phil Vischer (of Veggie Tales fame), the What’s in the Bible? series uses puppets, animations and actors to clearly teach Bible truths through stories, skits and songs.  Volume 1 in the series begins with the topics of what the Bible is and who wrote it.  Each subsequent DVD continues chronologically teaching the history, people and lessons of the Bible.

The format of the DVD’s is goofy enough to make your children laugh all the way through, but serious enough to result in some super in-depth Bible knowledge.  Besides the basic “stories” of the Bible, you’ll even find maps of Biblical lands,  charts of lineage, and Bible vocabulary to be presented in kid-friendly ways.  It’s for all the depth that I suggest even older children can benefit from watching What’s in the Bible? DVD’s!

About Volume 5: 1 & 2 Samuel

As part of an iHN review blitz, I was lucky enough to recieve Volume 5 of What’s in the Bible?  This DVD includes (2) 25-minute episodes covering the main content of 1 and 2 Samuel.  (Plus a bonus short video about the importance of honesty.)

The first episode covers:

  • Samuel the prophet
  • Saul as a king who doesn’t obey God and follows his own vain desires
  • David anointed
  • Davis and Goliath
  • Saul chasing David
  • A lesson about the Trinity

The second episode covers:

  • David becoming king
  • The tribes and trials
  • The capture of Jerusalem
  • The Davadic Covenant (Jesus coming from the lineage of David)
  • Bathsheba and Uriah
  • David’s repentance and forgiveness from God
  • Consequences
  • Solomon

I kept thinking, “I can’t believe how much real content is presented in 25-minutes of fun!” My kids loved the episodes as much as me and asked when we could get the rest of the series.  Besides our homeschool, I can see using these with church classes, too!


What's in the Bible DVD

There’s More!

On the What’s in the Bible? website, you can find coloring pages, crafts and games to reinforce the DVD lessons.  It looks like their will be study guides available for all the DVD’s soon, too!

You can even see some clips from Volume 5 if you’re not convinced yet!

 Would You Like to Win One?

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Disclosure:  I received DVD’s and compensation from What’s in the Bible? in exchange for a fair and honest review.  As always, my reviews are strictly my opinion and I do not have to give a glowing review.


  1. I’ve heard a lot about these lately and they have always gotten great reviews. Excited to try them out! Thank you!

  2. We have volume 1 and we really enjoy it ~ still haven’t tried out their downloads yet. (I need to look into that!)

    This looks like a fantastic dvd!

  3. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway. I would love to win a DVD we have not watched “what’s in the bible” but would love to!

  4. I’ve heard lots of great things about the What’s In the Bible DVD series but we don’t own any yet so I’m excited for the chance to win!

  5. Michelle G says:

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway! Can’t wait to try one of the dvd’s out:)

  6. Hope to win. Thanks for doing this!

  7. I have enjoyed reading about these DVDs and am anxious to see them myself.

  8. Jalynn Patterson says:

    I know my boys would love this as a go along. Thank you!

  9. My boys would love to win this! It would be a great addition to our Bible curriculum.

  10. Would love to win the DVD! We’re big Veggietales fans and this sounds like a wonderful way to introduce my son to the “bigger picture” of the bible!

  11. We are going to have to get some of these. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  12. Thanks for you wealth of info, and you giveaways.

  13. I’m always looking for ways to teach the scriptures to my kids.


  14. We love these DVD’s ! Thinking about getting the whole set to do as curriculum.

  15. I’m sure my kids would really enjoy this; thanks for the review and giveaway!

  16. I’d love to win this for my children. I am starting to home school my daughter k-4 next month, so this would help with our bible time activities. Thanks so much!

  17. We have volume one, and would love to have more!

  18. These DVDS are great, but I have only seen clips. Would be great to win! Thanks.

  19. Estella Adams says:

    This sounds like a good series. I think my kids would love them! Thanks!

  20. We have DVD 1 and live it! I’d love to get another one!!!…or the whole set! 🙂

  21. Very cool, we are goofy learners.

  22. My daughter would be so happy if I could win this!

  23. Would love to win this for my sister!

  24. Great prize! Would be great to add to the DVD collection!

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