The Mother’s Banquet

I know I’ve said it before, but I’m part of a WONDERFUL co-op.  Our leader, Cathy, is celebrating her 10th anniversary since starting the group.

I’ve been incredibly blessed this year to help Cathy out by leading the Mom’s Room.  The best way I can describe the Mom’s Room is in a series of words and phrases: prayer, devotions, homeschool information, homeschool workshops, marriage support, parenting support, homemaking support, friendships, encouragement……

Every year, we’ve always held a banquet (similar to a mother/duaghter banquet you might have a church) to honor the mothers.  It was a hard act to follow to organize the banquet myself after so many years of being pampered and uplifted by Cathy!  But, I pray that everyone was blessed and encouraged by our day Monday.  I went home exhausted, but incredibly blessed, too.

Nancy Carter was our speaker for the day, and let me tell you, her message on grace was perfect!  She spoke about the importance of remembering God’s grace as we strive to be great moms, wives, and homeschoolers.  And reminded us to show the same grace to our families in good or not-so-good moments.

Two thoughts really stood out in my mind from her talk:

-DON’T compare yourself to others, whether it’s as a mom or a homeschooler or whatever.  If God had intended for your children to have different parents, He would have given them different parents.

-Treat your family with grace whether they “deserve” it or not.

Not only did Nancy, and her lovely friend Candace, drive nearly 3 1/2 hours to be with us.  They came bearing gifts as well –  The Old Schoolhouse Magazine for each of the ladies!

I promised to share the lyrics to a song our 5/6th grade choir sang.  The author is Zac G. and the original words can be found here.


“We Are the Homeschool Kids Who Can’t Do Anything” – sung to the tune of the Veggie Tales “Pirates” song.


We are the homeschool kids who can’t do anything

We just stay at home and do our work

And if you ask us to do anything

We’ll just tell you we can’t do anything!

Well we can’t pass notes in math class

and we’ve never bought a school lunch

and we’ve never had our homework eaten by the family dog

and we’ve never had a hall pass

and we’ve never owned a locker

and we’ve never had detention after school


Well we’ve never been suspended

and we’ve never missed the school bus

and we’ve never got a fat lip from the bully down the hall

and we’ve never seen the school nurse

and we’ve never slapped erasers

and we’ve never had detention after school


Well we’ve never changed for P.E.

and we’ve never had a swirlie

and we’ve never had a teacher that we didn’t like at all

and we’ve never had supply lists

and we’ve never answered roll call

and we’ve never had detention after school


But we’ve often taken field trips

and we go to school in pj’s

and we often do our work while sitting on our favorite couch

and we finish school by lunchtime

and we find our books on ebay

and we don’t have any homework after school


Here are links to the poems that were read.

If You Give a Mom a Muffin


Raising Boys

It was a wonderful day!   I can’t end this without a big THANK YOU to Brooke & Mike and Nancy, Gerald & Kelsey!!

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