unit study

Planning a Small Unit Study

We’re finally into some practical posts in my series about unit studies! In my first post, I wrote about how I design unit studies for our homeschool. In the second post, I wrote about incorporating project-based learning into the units. Now, I’d like to share a very short and simple study we completed on magnets….

Patriotic Fun

Looking for a simple way to engage your children in some fun learning this summer? Why not try a few learning centers! What is a learning center? Quite simply, a few goodies based on a certain theme that you put together for your children to explore. Yep, that’s it. Easy and intriguing. Here’s the latest…

Thanksgiving Resources

We won’t be doing a Thanksgiving unit this year, but several books will be in books baskets and book nooks around the house.  Here are some of my favorites. Here are a few internet resources that have been useful in the past. Cindy Downes’ Pilgrim Unit The Homeschool Mom’s Links LaCelle Family Unit Study Eclectic…

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