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Westward Expansion Unit Study

Westward Expansion Unit Study

Even in a Charlotte Mason-inspired homeschool, I’ve found unit studies to be extremely beneficial for learning. With lots of living books and some meaningful project-based learning, this westward expansion unit study was an excellent way to learn history in our homeschool. The time my children and I spent learning about pioneers during the westward expansion…

Winter Homeschooling

Winter Homeschooling

Winter: long days, anxious kids, homeschool monotony?  No way!  At least it doesn’t have to be that way.  There’s lots to do to keep your homeschool vibrant in the winter! This post rounds-up the the best of my winter learning ideas for you.  You really can enjoy the cold, gray days! Nature Study Fresh air,…

Michelangelo Artist Study

This post contains affiliate links.  Read my entire disclosure policy here. Artist Study of the Month Since Michelangelo’s birthday is coming up on March 6th, we’re gearing up to focus on him again during this month’s artist study.  We studied his work once before (several years ago) as part of a mini-unit about Renaissance artists. …

Planning a Large Unit Study

(This post contains affiliate links.) In this final installment of my unit study series, I’m going to share with you how to design a unit study that is fairly in-depth.  For those of you new to this series, you can catch up by reading… How To Plan a Unit Study Unit Study Projects Planning a…

Planning a Small Unit Study

We’re finally into some practical posts in my series about unit studies! In my first post, I wrote about how I design unit studies for our homeschool. In the second post, I wrote about incorporating project-based learning into the units. Now, I’d like to share a very short and simple study we completed on magnets….

Project-Based Learning Ideas

I’m a huge believer in project-based learning! Keep reading to learn why and to get tons of project-based learning ideas for your homeschool! Just what is project-based learning? Quite simply, it’s a learning method in which your children dive into a subject and complete a project to show what they know.  Projects can really be…

Living Math Series

Beginning next week… October 15-26… a series full of practical ideas for incorporating more living math into your school days! Join me here daily!  Better yet, add my feed to your feed reader so you’re sure not to miss a post!