Spring Nature Study for Preschool and Kindergarten is Here!

Nature study for preschool and kindergarten - hands-on, active, fun, easy for mom, full of early learning skills!

It’s finally here!  You’ve been asking for this resource for quite some time, but you don’t have to wait any more!  Nature by the Season: Spring for Preschool and Kindergarten is ready! 

Spring nature study for preschoolers and kindergarteners takes learning to a wonderful, new level!

47 pages, ebook

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Why Early Nature Study?

Preschoolers and kindergarteners are naturally inclined to love nature because of their inquisitiveness, active bodies and keen eyes for finding things unique and often hidden.  I have watched my own little ones become some of my best nature buddies because they are always ready for the adventure and excitement.  That’s why I’ve created this series of nature studies for you.  I know your preschooler or kindergartener is up for the adventure, too, and is ready and willing to become your nature buddy!

Getting your little one outdoors early with a zest for discovering God’s creation will set him up with a life-long desire to know God more and grow closer to Him.  He already has a child-like faith in God; why not cement it into a deep adult faith as you introduce him to God’s marvels and miracles through nature?

Spring nature study is so much fun!

If you’d like to learn a bit more about the book, please visit the Nature by the Season: Spring product page.


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