5 Perfectly Practical Charlotte Mason Pinterest Boards

I love Pinterest.

It’s such a fabulous way for me to keep track of all those wonderful homeschooling ideas I come across on the web.  Because of this, it’s even changed the way I plan our weekly homeschool lessons!  When looking for creative lessons, I used to pour through book after book on my resource shelf.  More often, now-a-days, I just browse my Charlotte Mason Pinterest boards instead!

Some of Cindy West's Favorite Pinterest Boards

How I Pin

I have more than, ahem, 70 distinct homeschooling boards.  Why so many?  I like to stay organized.  If I need a quick geography idea, I only want to search through geography ideas – not geography, history and social studies.  If I need a quick character lesson, I want to find what I need asap.

Some pinners pin every little thing they come across.  For the practical me, though, I am very choosy about what I pin.  Each pin has to be a really good idea and it has to be something I would seriously consider doing in our homeschool.  So, on most of my boards you won’t find hundreds and hundreds of pins to sort through, but what I consider to be the best of the best for our family.

A Few Favorite Boards

Today, I’d like to share with you five of my most unique Charlotte Mason Pinterest boards that help in the planning of our homeschool.

Cindy West's Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Pinterest Board

My Charlotte Mason Homeschooling board includes examples of how to “do” the CM style.

Cindy West's Homeschool Organization Pinterest Board

The Homeschool Organization board is just full of varied ideas for organizing school days, lessons and completed work.

Cindy West's Nature Journaling Pinterest Board

The Nature Journaling board is just one of more than TWENTY boards I have specific to nature study!

Cindy West's Living Math Pinterest Board

My Living Math board probably has more pins than any other.  I’m passionate about helping others make math more real to their children, so I keep my eyes open for great lesson ideas to pin.

Cindy West's Artist Study Pinterest Board

And finally, my Artist Study board gets a lot of traffic.  Lots of people leave artist study out of their homeschool, but these lessons make such rich learning!  The ideas on this board make it easy for you.

Cindy West's Practical Charlotte Mason Boards: Part of an iHN link-upAs part of the iHN Pinterest post project, I’m just one of several bloggers sharing five of their favorite Pinterest boards with you today.  I’m sure you’re going to find some real treasure boards to follow!

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